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Responsive Web Design And Its Underrated Benefits

Responsive Web Design And Its Underrated Benefits

Responsive web design, also known as RWD, is nothing but a technology used in the process of designing websites/web pages that make it render well on all sorts of devices, be it a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. To be more precise, with responsive web design, the layout of the websites is designed in such a way that the websites adapt to the screen resolution of the device used to access it. Responsive web design facilitates navigation and enhances the user experience when it comes to accessing the website on a mobile device. It is all about making a website adaptable to the screen resolution of all devices.

Responsive web design eliminates the need for users to zoom in and out to locate the menu, scroll left to right and vice-versa to read the content, and so on. In a nutshell, responsive web design can make the visit of your visitors on your website a hassle-free experience.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

Long back, websites were mostly designed to comply well with computers, and then with laptops. Nowadays, with the increasing use of mobile devices throughout the globe, it is more than important for you to give your website visitors a wonderful experience round the clock as the advent of mobile devices has enabled them with an opportunity to access the web from anywhere at any time. Given that more than half of the population owns a smartphone these days, making your website mobile responsive should be at the top of your priority list. We live in an age, where only quality products succeed. You can’t wait to get the highest rank. Your business can never gain customers if the website is only designed for computer users. It should be responsive, whether it’s an e-commerce site or just an information sharing site or a blog.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

1 – Responsive Web Design Provides a Better User Experience

By providing a better user experience to your website visitors, you will certainly witness a reduction in the bounce rate, increase in conversion rate, and improvement in brand awareness. Having a mobile responsive website means no more pinching to zoom in/out, or scrolling to navigate the entire website that doesn’t render well on a mobile device.

2 – The Trend of Online Shopping is Expanding Exponentially

These days, a large part of the population prefers to shop online rather than driving to stores. The idea of being able to sit comfortably on a favorite chair or sofa, and shop online is not going out of trend any sooner. If you are into e-commerce business and your website is not mobile-friendly, you may be missing out on a big piece of the pie.

3 – Responsive Web Design Improves SEO

The most used search engine, Google, has already made clear that they are going to prioritize websites that are mobile responsive. Thus, responsive web design can help you earn the top position in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), which will eventually drive more traffic to your website, increasing your conversion rate.


The above-mentioned points should be more than enough for you to consider responsive web design if you are planning to launch one for your business, or for your personal use. If your web design service provider can’t offer you a responsive website, look for another one.

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