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Mobile App Vs Mobile Website: Which Is Better For Your Business in 2020?

Mobile App Vs Mobile Website: Which Is Better For Your Business in 2020?

The use of mobile phones has increased significantly over the past few years. As a business owner in this digital era, it might be complicated for you to make a decision when it comes to choosing between a mobile app and a mobile website for your business. This state of confusion is quite common among business owners in India as both technologies can be profitable under certain circumstances.

It would not be much uncommon for you to come across people who would state that you do not need a mobile application and that a responsive website with the easy-to-use interface can do the job for you. On the other hand, you may also come across people who would say that a mobile website can’t be as beneficial as a mobile application for your business.

Providing a clear answer to such a controversial question is not easy, but today we will try to provide some arguments that will help you with the task of making a decision.

Being in the domain of mobile apps and mobile website development, we would like to let you know that there are many factors that you need to take into account before choosing one. In this post, we have listed down the advantages of both the technologies so that you make your decision of choosing more precisely.

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Web:

Both mobile and desktops are here to stay. The use of both the devices in India is not going to lessen down anytime soon. However, the percentage of people using a mobile phone is comparatively greater than that of desktops. As a matter of fact, the giant search engine, Google, has also stated that as compared to desktops, a larger percentage of people use mobile phones for surfing the internet. In this present era, people love to spend time on mobile phones rather than desktops. For your business to be a success, you need to figure out what device your target audience mostly uses.

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Web: What’s The Difference?

One can access both the mobile app and mobile website with a mobile phone. A mobile website is nothing but a responsive website that is configured to adapt to the screen size of the mobile devices used to access it. A mobile website comes with a collection of web pages that are interlinked to each other and can be accessed using a specific URL. The authorized person can add text, video, graphics, data, images, etc. on the mobile website as per the need.

Whereas a mobile app is an especially designed program that is required to be downloaded and installed on the user’s mobile phone. Similar to a mobile website, a mobile app can also be loaded with text, data, video, and so on. However, the most important thing that differentiates a mobile app from a mobile website is the fact that an app can be designed in such a way that it can be accessed even without an internet connection. Another main difference between the two is that an app can be accessed by a particular operating system for which it is designed, either iOS or Android.

Mobile App Pros

  • An app can bring in new customers via the app stores

  • An app can take advantage of phone and tablet hardware

  • An app can provide your users with a unique experience

Mobile Website Pros

  • The cost of a website is comparatively less

  • A website can be accessed via all devices

  • A website is not hard to link and share as compared to an app

Final Thought:

So, in our article we presented some comparative characteristics of the mobile version of the site and the mobile application. However, we would like to state that, the combination of both the mobile application and mobile website can be a great choice for your business to increase brand awareness and the loyalty level of existing customers. Both of them can be used effectively to promote your products, services, and attract new customers to your physical storefront. BroJee is one of the fastest-growing Mobile App and Website Development Company in Bhopal. Feel free to reach us on +91 7999551732 for any inquiries.

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